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Inquiry - Sage Ridge School

Please take a few minutes to tell us about your family.

This will help us pair you with the information and contacts you need to help you make this important educational decision. Thank you!

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    Parents looking at independent schools are typically looking for one of four things in a private school experience.

    1. I want my child's school to provide a safe and nurturing environment because my child has had bad experiences in the past. 
    2. I want my child's school to challenge my child both academically and emotionally in order for them to grow and be their best self. 
    3. I want my child's school to help my child grow as a whole person to become someone who is strong, kind, resilient, and gets along with all types of people.
    4. I want my child's school to provide the best education possible and help my child be prepared for and get into a top-ranked college or university.

    Which of the previous "jobs to be done" do you most resonate with? 

  • Why an Independent School?

    Tell us more about your family and your educational priorities. Why are you interested in an independent school experience?

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